Wednesday, December 14, 2011

if you love someone, let that person go!

There’s a saying that goes, “If you love someone, let that person go.”

My feelings about this quote and how it relates to love in my life have always shifted back and forth. If you love someone, why would you ever let that person go? I mean that person is everything you want, everything you love. That person is the only person you’d ever want to be with, so why let that person go?

Happiness. You let that person go for his happiness. If you really love someone, you will always want that person to be happy. And if being happy means being away for a while, then sometimes yes, you have to let that person go. Even if he means everything to you, if it makes him happy to be free, then let him go. There’s nothing sadder than to see the person you truly love unhappy.

What happens to the person who lets go? Of course, she’ll experience the pain of letting go of her love, especially after reflecting on all the precious times spent with that person. Her heart will continue to yearn for that person, even when it’s over. No one said it was easy, but in time, the pain subsides and she’ll move on, right?


Separations are never easy, especially when the love was so good, especially when there’s still attachment. When people still feel for each other that way, of course neither of them wants the friendship to end. It’s the hearts that are talking, not the minds. Often times the feeling of not wanting the break up comes from the heart, but when you really think hard about it, you choose what’s best.

Just because it’s the best decision, it doesn’t mean the person who proposed it wanted it. Why would she want the end such a good thing? It was never a want. It was a need. It was the need to be real and be true to be logical.

But then again, does logic define love?

To be honest, after two people who enjoys each other's company go through with it, they are often times still unsure if it was the right decision. Sometimes they feel that this is just another one of those times they say things they don’t mean and that maybe tomorrow will be a new day and everything will be okay. Until now, lovers may not be sure if what they did was right. I feel that lovers will one day end up in each other’s love again… Only if they’re really meant for each other. Allah knows best.

I’m sure they’ll be fine. It’s just a hole in the heart that they have to mend and fill with something or someone else. They’ll be fine, right? It’s not like this is easier for one person than it is for the other. Little do they know, they’re walking towards recovery together, just on different routes.

Do I sound like I'm heartbroken? No, i'm not. i'm in love with him , vice versa! :)

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